(written long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away,  probably in 2016)

First, the title. Way more auspicious than the film delivered.

Second, I have seen Oscar Isaac in at least three other movies:

  1. inside Lewyn Davis
  2. A Most Violent Year
  3. Ex Machina

and I think I can say that, as an actor, he HAD to leap at the chance to be in at least one Star Wars episode. I mean, he is young enough that he grew up with Star Wars lore as part of his youth.

But I think he was conflicted. After working with the Coen’s on Inside Lewyn Davis, and staring in the very innovative Ex Machina, he has to be thinking, as he walked on to the Disney set, “am I sure this is going to advance my career?”

This has to tell you something about the film. It’s STAR WARS. And Oscar Isaac is questioning whether it will help his career.

Because if you saw his part, you noticed that he played a one-dimensional, totally transparent, flim-flam, comic book, did this in eighth grade drama class, character.

Yes. I played in the highest grossing film in the history of all film worldwide. No, it did not advance my acting career.

Because whoever wrote the script was laboring under the heavy iron grasp of Disney film, the nail-toothed, black-souled, iron-hearted, family-friendly, positive-messaged, giggly, feel-good-of-the-century, because-it-draws-the-masses-with-the-allure-of-traditional-values paradigm.

My bias may be showing at this point.