Former hero book

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The Former Hero

When a train-wreck single-mother wakes from an afternoon nap to find her little girl gone, she launches on a frantic search through dark city streets to find her. Fearful that the girl has been abducted by the burgeoning sex trade, she solicits help and protection for an outcast loner on a Harley. But when they raise a clamor in the city offices seeking police aid, they draw the suspicion—and malice—of corrupt city barons. One sour veteran detective might help them, if they can just find him.

Meanwhile the superhero Omni-man lies in a hospital hoping that doctors can find a cure to restore his lost superpowers. But he soon realizes he will face life as an ordinary man. When he joins one last adventure to help find the missing girl, the former superhero begins a psychological journey that leads him farther down the rabbit hole of self-discovery than he was prepared for.



Texas Association of Authors award
NIEA finalist award
Book cover award

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Englewood Review of Books

“Jeffrey Allen Mays has…written a philosophical masterpiece that really makes readers think about what it means to be a true hero in his debut novel: The Former Hero…through the pain and the suffering Mays’ story conveys, he could not be closer to the truth.” – Alicia Smock

San Francisco Book Review

“This book has many fantastic qualities. Jeffrey Allen Mays weaves in mythology, religious allegories and rich characters to create a vivid and intriguing novel. His ambition works in his favor to create a philosophical novel that delves deep into the idea of what being a hero means….The characters are impressively complex…”  – by Magie Marshall.

Review by Greg Lamb, author of A Dangerous Element and The People in Between

“Jeffrey Mays showed me what is in the art of the possible with his debut novel, The Former Hero. I hadn’t read anything as good in the genre of experimental literature since the early ’70s when Ishmael Reed wow’ed me with The Last Days of Louisiana Red

Portland Book Review

“…an ambitious and philosophical novel that looks at the concept of a “hero” while following three protagonists are caught in an overwhelmingly corrupt city… characters are well developed. For readers looking for a bit more depth to their novels, this book might be just up your alley.” – by Whitney Smyth

Indie Reader

“…a fascinating world…deftly combines elements of noir, comic book, and westerns into a captivating descent into the psychological underpinnings of heroism, villainy, and the everyday man who just wants to live his life…If the reader digs deeper, and Mays worked hard to make this worthwhile, there is more to discover.”

Oliver Chase, author of Blind Marsh and Marsh Island

The Former Hero is a dark adventure that sometimes scared the hell out of me. The pages were filled with bad guys and gals, high speed motorcycles, dank basements, and an occult figure dismembering a society that gave up. Set in a gritty and disturbing dystopia identified only as the ‘City of Man’, I wondered if author Jeffrey Allen Mays wasn’t describing today’s world. 

Juniper Grove

“The story is gripping, the characters are original with their own self determination. A unique psychological suspense, that kept me up late into the night, just wanting to read one more chapter. I do believe that lovers of psychological thrillers will enjoy The Former Hero by Jeffrey Allen Mays.”

Chris Pavesic, author of Heart & Mind and The Caelimane Operation

The Former Hero…is a complex novel that I can foresee re-reading several times…[It] will have a special place in my library…The sense of place, the mythology of the hero, the concepts of good versus evil, the religious allegory, and the rich tapestry of characters created by the author are all stand-out aspects in the novel…”

Short Stories by Texas Authors

Writing under the pseudonym of Dale Wender, Jeffrey Allen Mays’ short story “Concho Diary” won the 2016 Texas Authors award for Contemporary Fiction. A young man in a small west Texas town pines for a girl he grew up with but knows will never love him back.

From the back cover – “A collection of award winning short stories written by Texas Authors. This is Volume 3 with 20 plus stories. These short stories will take you back in history, through life as we know it and on to the future. Each giving you a glimpse into American life and thought, while entertaining you. At the end of each story is a simple paragraph that lets the reader get a better understanding about the story they read.”

    Growing Concerns

    Written in the style of Edgar Allen Poe, the short story “Malefic” was selected for inclusion in this anthology of  eco-horror stories centered around the theme of the environment gone wild and bloodthirsty. Published by Chupa Cabra House Publishing, 2014.

    This book was edited by Alex Hurst, with stories by Donna A. Leahey, Robert J. Santa, Ken Goldman, Ethan Nahté, CJ Andrew, Jennifer Clark, Jocelyn Adams, Ryan M. Cady, Jeffrey Mays, Barry Rosenberg, Renee’ La Viness, James S. Dorr, DG Sutter, Luke Murphy, Roy C Booth, Alex Kohagen, Melissa S. Osburn, N J Magas, and Darren Todd.

    “Growing Concerns is the very first collection of its kind. In pop-culture, movies like “Little Shop of Horrors” and “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” are quite well-known, but few tales in fiction have tapped into the latent fear of our botanical neighbors. With few plant-themed stories well-known enough to be found in English, Growing Concerns breaks new ground in the horror genre by collecting, for the first time ever, eighteen tales devoted to exploring the subject!”

    - Chupa Cabra House