The Former Hero

  • 1st Place Winner of the 2015 Texas Association of Authors Award for Suspense/Thriller
  • 2015 National Indie Excellence Award finalist
  • 2015 Bronze Award winner (Scarlett Rugers, The Book Design House)- AUTHORSdb Book Cover Contest

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Short Stories by Texas Authors

The short story “Concho Diary” was a contest winner and selected for inclusion in Short Stories by Texas Authors, vol.3 published in 2017.

Growing Concerns

Written in the style of Edgar Allen Poe, the short story “Malefic” was selected for inclusion in this anthology of  eco-horror stories centered around the theme of the environment gone wild and bloodthirsty. Published by Chupa Cabra House Publishing, 2014.

From the Chupa Cabra House blurb:

“Growing Concerns is the very first collection of its kind. In pop-culture, movies like “Little Shop of Horrors” and “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” are quite well-known, but
few tales in fiction have tapped into the latent fear of our botanical neighbors. With few plant-themed stories well-known enough to be found in English, Growing Concerns breaks new ground in the horror genre by collecting, for the first time ever, eighteen tales devoted to exploring the subject!

This book was edited by Alex Hurst, with stories by Donna A. Leahey, Robert J. Santa, Ken Goldman, Ethan Nahté, CJ Andrew, Jennifer Clark, Jocelyn Adams, Ryan M. Cady, Jeffrey Mays, Barry Rosenberg, Renee’ La Viness, James S. Dorr, DG Sutter, Luke Murphy, Roy C Booth, Alex Kohagen, Melissa S. Osburn, N J Magas, and Darren Todd.”

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