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popular topics

  • So You Want to Write Your Great American Novel
  • My Journey to Publishing The Former Hero
  • There Can Be No Conflict: The Harmonization of Science and Faith
  • Staying Human: Augmenting Science Instruction with Art, Music, and Literature
  • Teaching for Middle and High School Science Mastery
  • Homeschooling as Academic Triage
  • All Things Vile and Vicious: Finding God in the Horrors of Nature

Check out my recent appearance on River Jordan’s new podcast, “God on the Rocks” (if you have trouble try viewing in Chrome)

Jeffrey has two decades of experience speaking to large groups. Trained in public speaking at Covenant Seminary in the 90’s, he has presented at conferences, churches, and webinars.

He has coached parents and educators, and taught students at all levels a variety of subjects including writing and rhetoric. In addition to science education, he has written and spoken on topics such as art, music, literature, science, history, theology, and cultural engagement.

Jeffrey worked in publishing as Director of Marketing with Novare Science for seven years and later with Classical Academic Press for another year advocating a transformative new model of science education.

He earned his MDiv degree from Covenant Seminary and did church work for four years. Since completing his MFA degree at Seattle Pacific University, he also loves to talk about fiction writing and helping aspiring writers to get started.

He currently teaches undergraduate writing at St. Edwards University in his hometown of Austin, Texas.

Jeffrey is available to speak at select events such as book club meetings (in person or via teleconference), educational conferences, commencement ceremonies, community groups and schools.