Book discussion questions for The Former Hero

  1. Many readers find Angus to be their favorite character in the book. What is it about a dusty, rough-cut biker that people might find appealing?
  2. Consider where the story is set: in a bustling city in the center of Granfer County. What is the significance of the city in the story? Does it suggest any real American city to you? Why?
  3. We do not discover Omniman’s real name until the very end of the book. What is it? What does his name reveal about his place in the world of the book?
  4. What is the nature of the title character’s mental illness? What does it lead him to do? How does it blind him to the truth?
  5. Answer this question within your reading group: Would you prefer to know the real truth (about yourself or anything) if tremendous anguish comes with it, or to believe a lie that gives you personal peace and happiness?

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