• More love languages

    I was always a little suspicious when someone said there were only 5 love languages. After some years of gathering, here are some additions that I have found with my wife and family:

    • writing/singing jolly love songs by the water with s’mores
    • texting rude or risque memes
    • sitting on them
    • farting in the other room (not while sitting on them)
    • youthful deep-esophageal belching
    • saying anything in a British accent
    • peppering them with questions, frequently yes/no questions
    • telling a person to drive safely, wear your seat belt, keep your shoes on, and call me when you get there
    • making chicken sounds
    • hurting, pinching, pummeling, biting, tickling
    • telling them they are a dork, etc.
    • playing footsie under the covers (a form of sign language)
    • enduring the agony of listening to them describe a dream
    • eating food for them (food that they want but know they shouldn’t eat)
    • watching (another) sci-fi series with them on Netflix
    • not saying a damn thing for a while
  • Two classical music recommendations

    The first one I discovered on Radio Swiss Classical (which if you haven’t discovered yet, you should check out. There’s also Radio Swiss Jazz. Both have no commercials and just play music.)

    Not all classical music contains moments of sublimity, but when they do, there is something that aligns perfectly with something in the soul, a suspension, a discord, that resolves in a divine perfection.

    Tchaikovsky’s Sacred Choral Music is that way for me. I didn’t even know he wrote sacred music. Most people love the Nutcracker Suite, Swan Lake and Romeo and Juliet, and his 1st Piano Concierto. But these 9 Sacred Choral pieces are magical. I became addicted and couldn’t stop listening to them over and over.

    The second recommendation is Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem in D Minor. Unlike the previous, these are set to music. Fauré was an organist so it figures prominently. I love especially the final movement, In Paradisium, which you may recognize.

    This one also contains those resolutions that the aesthetic sense finds so satisfying.

    Enjoy, and leave me a comment if you find them lovely, or if you want to recommend something to me.

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