More love languages

I was always a little suspicious when someone said there were only 5 love languages. After some years of gathering, here are some additions that I have found with my wife and family:

  • writing/singing jolly love songs by the water with s’mores
  • texting rude or risque memes
  • sitting on them
  • farting in the other room (not while sitting on them)
  • youthful deep-esophageal belching
  • saying anything in a British accent
  • peppering them with questions, frequently yes/no questions
  • telling a person to drive safely, wear your seat belt, keep your shoes on, and call me when you get there
  • making chicken sounds
  • hurting, pinching, pummeling, biting, tickling
  • telling them they are a dork, etc.
  • playing footsie under the covers (a form of sign language)
  • enduring the agony of listening to them describe a dream
  • eating food for them (food that they want but know they shouldn’t eat)
  • watching (another) sci-fi series with them on Netflix
  • not saying a damn thing for a while


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