Here’s an article I wrote that was published by Catapult Magazine. I did not choose the title – the editors made one up. Nevertheless, its up there in cyberspace for all to read.

Michael and I stood side-by-side panicking. We were in third grade. Sam was about six inches taller than I was and about a foot taller than Michael. He leaned in toward us with his shoulders back and his jaw stuck out in an affected under bite. Between us and him was my little red bike — banana seat, gooseneck handle bars, a pathetic barrier, not much better a line in the sand. As I recall, the dialogue was one-sided, and it ran like something from The Little Rascals. “This is my playground. I didn’t say you could be on it. So I’m gonna make you pay.” Sam had a pocketknife and he toyed with it and flashed it around like West Side Story. “What should I do to you? Hmm, let me think.” He tapped his chin with the flat of the blade… Click here to read the rest.