Join me in celebrating a new milestone – I am officially announcing the launch of my new website!

I’ve been wanting to give this site a facelift for a long time. With my new writing career, I decided it was time to pull the trigger.

Many thanks to Amy Hufford, owner of Stellar Communications, for her work on this site. Not only did she take my sow’s-ear-of-a-website and turn it into a silk purse, but she gave me unpaid-for encouragement to think of myself in a new way, to acknowledge my successes, and present myself as the real deal. She told me to take inventory of my skills as a writer/teacher/speaker and market myself appropriately. That’s was this site is about. I guess I have done a fair bit of public speaking, I am teaching college students how to write, I do have an awesome novel and several stories published. It’s time to take all those skills and get busy.

There are many people who have had a part in bringing me to this point: family members (my brother and mother), Stephen Henderson who filmed the footage for the book trailer, some of which appears in the motion graphic on the home page, supportive friends, MFA teachers, beta readers, editors. Thanks to my wife Trina for her support of my endeavors.

Stay tuned friends! More content to come! Subscribe to my mailing list to keep in touch, and/or follow me on social media. And thanks also to YOU for your love and support.