Hello friends! You may be wondering what happened to this week’s installment of The Saragossa Bottling Company.

Not to brag, but I was experiencing relief from the Austin heat, and an outstandingly fun time with my son and his new wife in the beautiful, forested, mild-summer and prone to rainy days state of Michigan. It is hard to write and edit while traveling, so I had to postpone the chapter this week. But we will find out how Dimity explains her traitorous betrayal of Bo and Ringo next week.

In the meantime, I am writing to share the exciting news that my story called “Under The Sun” has been published by Radix Magazine. They are a free online magazine that functions purely on donations. They publish articles on the intersection of faith and culture, literature, art, economics, etc., plus poetry, visual art, interviews—and now, for the first time since their inception 44 years ago, fiction!

Under the Sun

“Under The Sun” explores the possibility that it is the broken of society—the drug addicts, the unhoused, cutters and abuse victims—have more contact with ultimate reality than the educated, the obedient, the do-gooders.