Man-readingTwo new reviews of my book came in this week, this time from fellow authors. I sent each a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Both responded with strong praise both for my book and for me as an author. The first was Oliver Chase, author of Blind Marsh and Marsh Island. You can read his review here. He says,

“The reader should save The Former Hero for a dark Saturday night alone and with a glass of wine. Come to think of it, you may not wish to read the book by yourself. Put your latest Stephen King back on the shelf…”

And the most recent one (just arrived today in fact) is Gregory S Lamb, who’s books include The People in Between and A Dangerous Element. You can read his review here. Greg says,

Jeffrey Mays showed me what is in the art of the possible with his debut novel, The Former Hero. I hadn’t read anything as good in the genre of experimental literature since the early ’70s when Ishmael Reed wow’ed me with The Last Days of Louisiana Red. My appetite for classy writing is once again fulfilled.

My thanks go out to both of these guys, who have been at this longer than I have.

You can see links to all of my reviews and award on my Press page.