First Thing – non-liquid detergent

One thing I do to live intentionally and conscientiously is to look for ways to prefer products that do not come in plastic bottles. Why?

Plastic can be recycled of course. But the less plastic in the world the better.

Earth Breeze makes laundry detergent that doesn’t come in a plastic bottle. One order contains 60 little dry sheets that melt in the detergent tray when you run the washing machine. It ships in a cardstock envelope that weighs less than a pound.

For comparison, a 100 oz bottle of Tide gets you 64 loads but only if you use 1/3 of a bottle cap per load.

We switched earlier this year (2022) and have been very happy with it. Place your order with this link and get $10 off. [Update: EarthBreeze is “updating” (or discontinuing?) their referral program so the link above no longer works. They may still give you  a discount on your first purchase if you  subscribe.]

What’s even more exciting is that with every purchase you make, Earth Breeze donates 10 laundry loads to charities such as women’s shelters, disaster relief, veteran’s associations, and homeless aid programs.

  • It’s super lightweight. Many detergents contain a lot of water and unnecessary chemicals
  • It’s dry. No spills.
  • The cost of a pack is comparable to regular detergent
  • Subscription basis – ships to your home. No lugging a jug home from the store
  • It’s okay for sensitive skin, even baby clothes
  • It’s vegan and animal-friendly
  • It comes in scented or fragrance-free options

Earth Breeze also has a dishwasher product and a few other things.

The company prioritizes acts of service, a loving environment, and the health and livelihood of its employees.

They talk about loving, trusting, caring for the planet, planting trees, living in mutual respect and trust and nurturing good relationships with their partners and communities.

The more I learn about them the more supportive I become.

Second Thing – music

Listen to this piece of music that is only 3 ½ minutes long – Gabriel Faure’s Requiem in D Minor: In Paradisum

You HAVE TO listen to the version performed by Tenebrae singing with the London Symphony Orchestra (link below). I read somewhere that it is considered to be possibly the best performance of this piece ever recorded.

I’m sure you’ll recognize it. But you need to listen to it again the right way. If you cannot meet the following criteria, save it for later to listen to it at a more advantageous time.

  • Get in a quiet place without distractions
  • Do not try to listen on your cell phone speaker. Only listen on a quality stereo with good speakers or headphones
  • Do nothing else while listening to it. Don’t continue to surf the web. Put down your phone. Look out a window.
  • Listen hard. Be 100% tuned in, awake, and attentive for the entire piece
  • Listen to the very, very, very end. Listen to how long the final chord extends. It’s breathtaking

If you don’t have Spotify, you can also listen here for free

If you do this, I cannot guarantee, but it is extremely likely that you will be miraculously healed, at least temporarily, of the mania which infects our land. And if you don’t enjoy it then I can tell you with certainty that it is too late for you; you are a walking undead carcass without a soul.

Gabriel Urbain Fauré (1845-1924) was a French composer known especially for his compositions for the organ. His style is fresh and understated and is considered the greatest master of French song. Tenebrae is an award-winning choir led by Nigel Short.